Marcela's Beach Session

I was going through the pictures on my computer and I came across Marcela's photo shoot. I realized I never shared this meaningful session.

I met Marcela while I was walking with my camera at the beach in Tulum. It was 8 am.
My family was sleeping and I was the only one awake. Over the years I have become an early bird while on vacation. Yes!!! Like a little kid who wants to go to the pool at 6 am.

While I was taking pictures of the dogs laying by the beach, Marcela approached me and she asked, "Can I see the pictures?". After that we started a short talk.
We stayed at Amansala Eco-Chic Resort. If you follow me on social media you know I love this place. While talking I found out she was a part of the hotel's amazing team plus she takes care of the dogs.

Later that morning she asked me if I can capture her with the dogs that afternoon. I said yes. Who doesn't want to photo shoot a pretty girl with her 4 dogs, right?!

Since Marcela started to work there, she has built this amazing connection with the dogs. You can see how they look at her. Every time I see these pictures I get so emotional. Makes me think about how these little creatures can develop so much love for us! This is the perfect example of the connection we can create with nature and God's creations.
Thank you to Marcela for letting me capture these moments.

While you are scrolling down I will smooch my 2 baby dogs.


Share with me if you have any dog or pet who is waiting for you everyday at home and how special is the connection you have with them